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Attorney Jeremy Robinson

Jeremy K. Robinson has been a thought leader in the California legal community for many years. Most recently, Robinson secured a precedent-setting decision against online retail titan Amazon. See, Bolger v. Amazon.com (2020) 53 Cal.App.5th 431.

Robinson argued Amazon should be strictly liable for injuries caused by products sold on its marketplace—in this case, a defective laptop battery made in China that badly burned plaintiff Angela Bolger—just like any other retailer. Even though Amazon had successfully defeated that argument numerous times in numerous cases all over the country, the San Diego-based Court of Appeal Fourth District, Division One sided with Robinson and ruled that Amazon can be held strictly liable for defective products purchased through its virtual marketplace. This ruling marks the first time a state appellate court anywhere in the country has ruled against Amazon on this issue, and it is the only published appellate decision in the nation holding Amazon strictly liable.