Law360 – An Overview of the Top Product Liability Cases of 2021

By Casey Gerry December 14, 2021

In “The Top Product Liability Cases of 2021” Law360 Senior reporter, Emily Field covers the major product liability cases of the year including product liability cases against Amazon.

The court’s refusal to review the appellate ruling in Bolger v. LLC and ultimately holding Amazon liable for products sold on its online marketplace was a major decision affecting e-commerce cases across the country. Jeremy Robinson, who represented Angela Bolger, was also involved in other cases discussed in the article including, McMillan v. LLC, where the Texas Supreme Court did not find Amazon liable for the defective remote control sold on its platform, and Loomis v. LLC, which expanded on the Bolger decision, holding Amazon liable for the defective hover board sold on its platform.


Article: The Top Product Liability Cases Of 2021

Publication/Source: Law360

Author: Emily Field


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